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What is known about the Age and the Expansion of the Universe?

Sep.18.2020 258 view review
The earth and the galaxy

The universe is so much bigger then we could ever imagine, beyond what we can see lays the unknown ideas behind what surrounds us. There are so many interesting facts about the universe that scientists have spent years and years discovering, trying to gain more insight into the age and expansion of the universe. The universe otherwise known as space is important in order to understand what lies beyond our planet earth. So how old is space? The universe is 13.8 billion years old and how do we know the age of the universe, well this has been calculated by researchers using two scientific methods focusing on gaging and studying the oldest objects in the universe and then measuring how fast it is expanding.

How do scientists know the universe is expanding?

The universe we live in is constantly changing, moving and evolving scientists have discovered a way to measure these changes by studying the lengths of the lights that are projected by various elements in space, this way they can gauge how far away something is and whether they’re getting further away. When we say the universe is expanding we mean that it is growing, the galaxies that surround our planet are distancing away from us. But everything is moving further away from each other because the universe has no center which means everything is spreading apart and almost stretching out.

The Big Bang Theory

The big bang

Now all of the research and understanding came from the Big Bang Age. The big bang is the way one can explain how the universe started and came into what it is now, the theory expresses that it is believed the universe first started as just one small dot and then kept getting bigger and stretching, growing more and more until the point it is right now. We can understand this better by understanding that if things are moving apart it means that at some point long ago they would have to have been close together in a compact form. Everything that is visible to us our universe now, all the stars, planets and so much more were not there in the beginning, they have formed because of the expansion of our universe. And this is how we know the age of the universe the time that this explanation has taken is 13.8 billion years to get to the point where it is now and there is no indication of this stretch stopping, in fact, it’s growing more and more at a faster rate than ever before.

What does this all mean?

A purple galaxy

Well, right now we are able to understand exactly the extent of the growth of the universe and are able to measure the amount of this expansion. Scientists have understood that as the universe expands it becomes darker and cooler this is because the atoms that were once a ball of fire 13.8 billion years ago spread further and further apart creating more galaxies in space. What is the future of this expansion you might ask, well observations suggest that this current expansion will continue forever, gaining more and more speed until the 100 billion galaxies we can now observe will be so distant they become invisible to us? 

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