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when was the ozone layer discovered

Our beautiful planet earth needs a shield of protection to help all the chemicals released into the atmosphere every day to escape, to be absorbed as a way of exiting the planet so that it doesn’t bounce back and cause harm towards all living organisms. The ozone layer definition may be tricky to understand as it is more of a concept rather than something we can visually see. However, the purpose of the ozone layer is imperative to our entire existence on this planet, and without it, we would not only contract many deadly diseases by all the plants, animals and microorganisms will be harshly affected too.


So what is the role of the ozone layer? The main and most important purpose of the atmospheres ozone layer is to absorb the UV radiation that is released by the sun’s harsh rays. This radiation is toxic to humans and causes many diseases and developmental problems including skin cancer and eye cataracts. Without the ozone layer there to absorb this type of radiation it would eventually make its way back down and in turn, attract all living organisms including humans whose bodies cannot handle the harsh effects of Ultraviolet radiation.


The ozone layer which is otherwise called the stratosphere is made out of a gas called ozone gas. Scientifically its chemical symbol is written as O3 which means it’s a combination of 3 oxygen atoms and put together made up an absorbent and very reactive protective shield known as the ozone layer.


ozone layer

Believe it or not, this amazing and natural way of protecting the Earth was formed over six hundred million years ago and many believe it was an extremely important part of the way the Earth rebuild itself at formed what we see today. But when was the ozone layer discovered? Now we have come to learn that it was hundreds of millions of years ago that the ozone layer formed however we only discovered this layer and it’s abilities later on in life as we grew to understand more about the atmosphere and how it chemically and scientifically comes into play, so in 1985 the ozone layer was discovered when NASA along with other scientific researchers found a hole in the ozone layer as a result of satellite mapping and thus could help explain why the global temperature was rising at such a rapid rate. But how the ozone layer is formed goes into much more depth as its an energetic field meaning it forms when the correct molecules recombine to form what is known as the chemical ozone, this constant process of combining and releasing is how the ozone is formed and in turn has the ability to absorb the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.


what does ozone layer mean

This imaginary protective shield is hard to picture as it’s something we cannot see with our own eyes but rather have to believe in those who understand the atmosphere in a scientific manner. So what layer contains the ozone layer? The ozone layer is found in the stratosphere which is located above the earth’s surface around 15-30Km away. It is a circular field that is not just above what we see as the sky but in fact, covers the entire circumference of planet earth.


The main role of the ozone layer is to absorb. But the bigger question is what does the ozone layer absorb? What type of solar radiation doe the ozone filter out? As mentioned previously the job of the ozone layer is to absorb the Ultraviolet radiation that is emitted into our atmosphere through the sun. In a way, one could say that it’s almost like sunscreen as if these rays were to directly touched our skin we would burn instantly. UV rays are some of the most powerful in the world and are scary as they cannot be seen yet there effects can be felt and they are destroyers as the can completely change, disrupt and kill entire molecule structures even the ones that we are made up of and that is why the ozone shield definition is of high importance to life on Earth and although we cannot see it acts as the biggest protector for our lives and that is why we need to protect it and be mindful of all the other harsh chemicals we release into it every day.


There are many reasons as to why we need the ozone layer and why it is of such high importance and some of these include


The ozone layer is the only way that UV radiation can be absorbed and stopped from reentering back into the earth’s surface and instead through an amazing oxygen cycle converts this into heat and is what keeps our planet at a livable temperature.

Life on Earth

With the ozone layer and its ability to capture harmful radiation life on Earth would no longer exist, it will not only have effects on humans but also on animals especially marine life as well as the environment as a whole, and if the ozone layer were to continue to thin out as we have already witnessed we would become more susceptible to contracting diseases such as skin cancers, eye cataracts and even completely weakened immune systems leading to the inability to fight diseases.


Think about everything that surrounds you, from trees and flowers in your back yards to entire forests, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, caves, beaches and so much more, and now imagine not seeing that again. That is why the ozone layer is important it is what protects the gift of nature, it is what allows us to breathe every day and what allows us to eat and drink every day and what allows us to live every day and this is why we need to protect even something we cannot see, we need to be mindful of the harsh effects that will happen if we don’t ad we need to understand what exactly it is and what the purpose is and why it is so important and then we can start to understand how to protect it.


  • What is known as the “hole” in the ozone layer is actually just a part of the ozone layer that has a lower concentration of ozone
  • Chemicals such as chlorine and bromine being released into the air are what causes the hole in the ozone layer and these are released majorly through human actives often as a result of industrial farming, growing settlements, factories, and copious amounts of pollution.
  • The bigger the hole in the ozone layer the higher the temperature on our planet will reach.
  • The ozone layer is most depleted in the Antarctic which has to lead to large amounts of ice melt which has proved to be detrimental to entire animal species and their habitats and resources.
  • UV radiation is found in light bulbs, fridges, freezers and toxic sprays for killing rodents and even some cleaning products


Since scientists warned maybe countries about the hole found in the ozone layer there have been many protection acts to ban the use of ozone-depleting chemicals. Along with this Vienna and Montreal have both produced Conservation acts for protecting the ozone layer in which they have the ability to control the substances being released into the earth’s atmosphere. As they have invested a lot of money and time into the saving of the ozone they are too helping protect the climate as the two go hand in hand and as a result, great results have been witnessed through these protective protocols. One thing you can do is avoid buying any products that are labeled as HCFC such as refrigerators, microwaves, and aerosol cans.

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