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Everything You Need to Know about Converting Waste into Energy for Sustainability

Apr.14.2021 280 view review
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As we begin to move into a more eco-friendly ad sustainable world, where we make use of the natural renewable resources available to us, finding new ways to create energy has become the new normal. Converting waste to energy is a meer example of such innovation in an attempt to produce electricity from the waste produced in our garbage bins.The process of green waste energy can drastically help save our environment, prevent pollution and increase our general quality of life.


So what is waste energy? In simple terms waste energy is a process by which garbage is burned, which produces steam inside of a boiler that is then used to generate electricity. There are many different processes by which our waste is converted into energy that is later used to power electronic devices or systems but the most common is found in the United States where they use a system known as a mass-burn system in order to convert the 1000’s of pounds of garbage thrown out each week.


The conversation process of waste into energy happens in just a couple of steps.

  1. The waste from the garbage trucks is transferred and dumped into a large pit in a certain region of the country.
  2. Machinery with giant claws and the ability to pick up large sums of waste then grabs this dumped pile and transfers it into something known as a combustion chamber.
  3. The waste is then burned in waste to an energy incinerator, where it then releases heat.
  4. The heat produced through the incineration process then turns the water in the boiler into steam.
  5. The high pressure produced in the steam then managers to turn the blades of the specific turbine it is connected to, moves the generator which then produces the electricity.


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The process of converting waste into energy to generate electricity is extremely positive for the environment as well as for the economy, for a number of reasons including :

  • Decreases the quantity of waste by between 80-85 percent which then reduces our overall dependency on landfills.
  • Uses renewable sources of energy which in turn lessens our consumption of fossil fuels such as coal.
  • Reduces pollution as it is much more environmentally friendly than our landfills and produces much fewer greenhouse gases such as nitrogen, oxides, and hydrocarbons which in turn decreases the overall pollution produced.
  • Prevents the production of methane gas as the waste is removed from the landfills before it decays and produces methane which eventually causes global warming and in turn climate change.
  • Decreases land and noise pollution as the incineration process burns the waste instead of allowing it to decay, the unpleasant smells emitting are prevented and the methane explosion is avoided.

As you can see waste to energy conversion is an amazing invention and is currently doing extremely positive things for our environment that can help prevent future impacts on global warming, climate change, and global pollution.

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