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What to Expect from Hydrogen Vehicles?

Mar.12.2021 178 view review

In recent decades, humanity has been rapidly moving towards a more environmentally friendly world. According to scientists, the next step after hybrid cars will be the emergence of hydrogen cars because they are less polluting for the atmosphere.

For thousands of years, humans have built an infinite number of houses, cut down forests, polluted the seas and oceans, and mined minerals, despite the fact that the sources of raw materials on our planet are limited. In recent years, with the awareness of the problem of climate change and global warming, the trend to stop the damage to the planet has noticeably increased. People are desperately trying to preserve clean soil, water, and air to create normal living conditions for future generations.

With the advent of the infrastructure revolution, over the past 200 years, the process of Earth pollution has accelerated significantly, mainly due to the release of carbon dioxide into the environment. Accordingly, cars, buses, trucks, trains, and airplanes are the largest pollutants. And the main goal of the auto industry today is to limit this pollution so that people can buy cars not harming the planet. This is also the reason for the skyrocketing sales of hybrid cars in recent years, but the hybrid is not satisfying to car companies and they are looking for an alternative that will avoid burning gasoline.

One of the most famous alternatives to the gasoline car is the hydrogen car, which is based on the principle of chemically converting hydrogen energy into mechanical energy. This will work with an internal combustion engine similar to existing gasoline engines, or by creating a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen in fuel cells to propel an electric motor. The difference between hydrogen and gasoline is that hydrogen fuel does not occur naturally. This means that hydrogen is not a source of energy, but its carrier. It can be extracted from a wide variety of sources such as wind or sunlight. But all of these methods are too complex for propelling vehicles. Therefore, the ability to efficiently generate energy from hydrogen is one of the most important research areas in the world today.

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