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Where Does Carbon Dioxide Come From?

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carbon dioxide comes from

Human activity leaves different traces on the Earth’s surface and beyond. We burn, process, and excavate Earth’s resources very fast, leaving used and unwanted leftovers of once valuable and rare nature reserves.

Fossil fuels are one of the most important and vitally important natural resources. Oil is used for different purposes and enriches our life on different levels.

We make gasoline and plastic out of oil, we use oil to produce fuels and run our machines. Such an extensive usage of this natural resource has serious consequences for the environment.

The biggest part of CO2 emissions comes from the engines of combustion burning which are widespread in our society. But they’re not the only source of CO2.

CO2 emissions

CO2, carbon dioxide, is a simple colorless gas. We breathe out CO2, cars emit CO2 as the combustion product, and factories and production facilities release unimaginable amounts of CO2 during the production.

CO2 sources are divided into two main groups: natural and anthropogenic. There’re many sources of CO2 each of which should be understood and mentioned:

Does Flora and Fauna emit CO2?

natural CO2 sources

Animals, insects, and humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2. It is a natural process and it has nothing to do with Global Warming, Climate Change, and other negative processes that harm our planet.

Flora and fauna could serve as a source of CO2 but they produce much more oxygen than CO2. Flora produces all oxygen on the Earth and it absorbs vast amounts of CO2. For example, a tree-planting of nine hundred billion hectares can absorb all CO2 that was produced by humans throughout history.

But there’s another way of how flora and fauna produce CO2. When an animal dies, its remains remain untouched, releasing CO2 during the decaying and decomposing. Same with plants. Dead biomass decays, producing relatively small amounts of CO2.

Volcanoes Eruptions and Other Natural Events

CO2 caused by volcano eruption

When a volcano erupts, it releases tons of volcanic gases which include CO2 and other harmful environmental elements. The eruption of a middle-sized volcano can overweigh the annual CO2 amount, released by New York or another big city.

Forest fires destroy everything on their way including animals, trees, grass, etc. Such destruction implies big numbers of the released CO2. Recent forest fires in Australia had contributed a lot to the Global Warming process, stimulating CO2 release and reducing the number of trees and grass on the whole continent.

Exhaust Gases from Cars

old cars pollution in the cities

This is the biggest source of CO2. Humanity runs tens of millions of cars daily, approaching different purposes from commuting and ambulance service to promenade rides and pizza delivery.

Most vehicles use internal-combustion engines that burn fossil fuel and release produced CO2 into the atmosphere. Even though CO2 is a colorless gas, its accumulations could be seen over big cities at the break of day. Smog is a result of the extensive and redundant use of fossil-fueled transport.

CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere, heating up the planet and reducing the quality of life in the whole world. Bad oxygenation which is the cause of CO2 abundance, is the reason for numerous health illnesses and maladies such as migraines, cardiovascular diseases, abnormal blood pressure levels, and cancer.

Production Facilities, Heating Systems, and Factories

industrial air pollution

All these facilities burn fuels and pollute the environment with CO2, significantly increasing its levels in the atmosphere.

Humans affect the carbon cycle by releasing and producing vast amounts of this chemical compound. Nature’s processes don’t produce such big amounts of this gas so humanity’s intervention in nature’s cycle brings a lot of negative effects.

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