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Which consequences deforestation has? And how it can affect us?

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Forests have always been the most important resource in human’s life. Most of the oxygen is produced by the oceans but the rest comes from the forests.

Forests are called «the lungs of the planet» and this is true. Tropical rainforests absorbing huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other toxic anthropogenic emissions.

The effects of green gas pollutants have been smoothed by rainforests and other green biomasses. Forests provide water, food, and shelter for numerous animal species and human societies.

Many tribes are still living in the wild nature and forests are their source for living.

But progress and industrialization have led to the rapid reduction of forest’s pristine areas. Humanity demands more and more resources from the planet and their numbers are quickly declining.

The disappearance of half the forests of the planet or what will be in the future?

Our consumption has caused the disappearance of half the forests of the planet. Deforestation doesn’t have any positive effects. It’s causing an imbalance in the planet’s ecosystems and leaves many wild creatures without their homes and habitat.

Nearly half of wild animals have gone extinct during the past four decades and this number is increasing day by day. Analytic modeling has shown that in the next thirty years, humanity will destroy all the pristine forests on the planet if nothing will change.

Farming and the lack of agricultural land are the main reasons for deforestation. Meat production requires huge areas of land to feed and breed cattle. Amazon rainforests are the main target of farmers and meat production companies. Two hundred trees being cut every second to free the land for future farms and pastures.

Such a strong need for deforestation can be easily explained. Cattle need huge amounts of fodder and vast territories need to be taken for cropping.

Logging, farming, manufacturing, and palm oil production are destroying the wretched remains of the forests. Such devastation will lead to numerous consequences such as oxygen reduction, wild species extinction, raw materials deficit, and others.

Society started to realize the role forests play in our lives. Our progress depends on them as well as our physical and mental wellbeing.

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