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Which substitutes for plastic products we can use to avoid contamination of the planet?

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substitutes for plastic products

The amount of single-use products in our lives is enormous. Personal care products, q-tips, toothpicks, plastic straws, food film, garbage bags, plastic bottles, and disposable bags are only a few of them.

We can’t imagine our life without them but only half a century ago most of them didn’t exist. Today’s scale of single-use products consumption makes us think about eco-friendly and long-lasting alternatives to disposable items.

The most used and contaminating single-use item in the modern world is plastic bags. Dozens of billions of disposable plastic bags are ending up in the environment annually. Disposable bags are being used everywhere and for any purpose.

A couple of apples, a pack of flour, and even a bottle of yogurt will be packed in disposable plastic bags. Such consumption is irrational and very dangerous for the environment. You can substitute them with reusable bags from natural or synthetic clothes.

How to reduce the amount of plastic – start from your home!

Single-use cups and plastic straws can be easily removed from your daily life. Your own reusable cup will serve for years. You can choose a cup which will suit your own taste. Plus, many coffee-shops provide discounts for customers who bring their own reusable cups.

Single-use cutlery should be substituted by reusable travel kits which are made from quality synthetic or natural materials. You can pack your food in such containers and use them for years.

Bamboo toothbrushes are another great option to reduce the amount of plastic waste in nature. It takes six months for them to become totally decomposed while plastic toothbrushes will pollute and contaminate the environment for centuries.

Almost all bathroom accessories such as shampoos, shower gels, and hair conditioners go with plastic packaging and contain toxic elements for the environment. You can avoid such polluting by using regular bath soap or dry shampoos. You can also make your own bathroom accessories from natural ingredients.

Q-tips and sponges are something we don’t pay attention to even if we’re maintaining an eco-friendly way of life. But there’s plenty of alternatives. Q-tips can be made from bamboo or thick cartoon and sponges can be substituted by cotton alternatives.

Such substitution will significantly reduce the contamination of our planet. It’s only a few single steps but if the majority of humanity will implement these measures Earth’s contamination will significantly reduce.

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