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why conservation of forest is important

Rainforest and forests, in general, are one of the most important aspects of our world in this current day and age, they are solely responsible for conserving many varieties of animal and plant species as well as habitats and resources for the entire world. Rainforests, in particular, provide so much of the products we see in our stores today as well as are a main provider of the entire global economy and country trade. However, the rainforest is too in a disastrous state as they face the effects of global warming, climate change, as well as industrial and agricultural development. The many benefits of forests stretch far beyond what we even realize and thus conservation of such forests are extremely important to our environment and the future of our planet as a whole.


So what is a tropical rainforest? Tropical rainforests are forests that can be found in the tropical regions of the world, they are subject to very wet climates and experience a large amount of rain throughout the air with no occurrence of any dry season. They are typically found in the wetlands close to the equator which in total make up for one of the world’s largest biomes. Tropical rainforests are packed full of a large and diverse variety of vegetation, including thousands of species of trees and plants. This diversity is what truly makes the tropical rainforest an exceptional part of human and animal life and the constantly evolving and changing has helped us make some great world discoveries and predictions.


ecological benefits of forests

Tropical rainforest problems are still very present even despite its greatness and contribution to the world as a whole. Now more than ever these problems are on high alert and need to be recognized so that behaviors and actions can be changed in order to preserve what is left of the tropical forests we see in our world. The tropical rainforest is experiencing a variety of threats towards its existence including

  • Logging, trees being cut down and used for furniture, timber, and other man-made items
  • Burning of trees t generate electricity
  • The paper industry
  • The cattle industry
  • The agricultural industry, clearing forests in order to create personal croplands
  • Subsistence farming in which they use the land for cattle grazing
  • The building of roads and mines

These are just a few of the reasons why the tropical rainforests are under such a threat and the reasons why we need to conserve and protect what is remaining.


forests benefits

Forests are important for many reasons, some of which we have already mentioned but some other forest benefits include

  • Creating the air we breathe
  • The production of the products we use in our daily lives
  • Shelter, food, and water
  • Habitats for a large variety of animals from the tiniest of insects to the largest mammals
  • Providing jobs for more than thirteen million people across the globe
  • Absorbing greenhouse gases, which in turn helps slow and prevent climate change and its effects
  • Providing a variety of medications
  • Production of clean drinking water to nearby regions
  • Helping combat natural disasters
  • Help create rain and control regional weather
  • Fight against soil erosion

These are some of the most important reasons why the conservation of forests is important and why we need to act on our preservation protocols now.


why forests are important

The importance of forests is also down to its immaculate effect on the ecological system including

  • Food
  • Wood
  • Fuel
  • Bioproducts
  • Carbon storage
  • Nutrient cycling
  • The purification of water and air
  • Wildlife habitat insurance and maintenance
  • Social benefits
  • Resources development and trading

These are just many more of the benefits forests have to offer to us, our environment and the world in general, and thus is it of the utmost importance that we do our best to conserve what is remaining of these natural beauties and the positive and important impact they bring into our lives every single day. While we may not realize the consequences of our actions we need to remember that the future of our planet is in our hands and ours alone and without our efforts, we will not b able to benefits from these forests in the same way we do now.

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