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The snow leopard is one of the rarest, precious, and beautiful animals on our planet. But in today’s world, they are facing some devastating threats to the future existence of their entire species. the endangered snow leopard now remains with only very few survivors as a result of harm directly induced by mankind and our behaviors. Now more than ever before we are beginning to understand the importance of each individual species and their contribution towards the earth’s natural cycle and ecosystems and thus we realize the importance of preserving this species by creating awareness towards the threats that could eventually lead to the snow leopard’s extinction.


snow leopard endangered species

For many many years, the conservation status of the snow leopard was considered to be endangered but as of 2017, the status was changed to vulnerable however this does not mean that the snow leopard is no longer endangered it just means our efforts for protecting the remaining species is working. It has been made clear that the number of snow leopards is still decreasing as they are still facing harsh and dangerous threats from multiple sources. Are snow leopards going extinct? to answer these questions, this beautiful white coated cat strongly faces the possibility of extinction as the factors contributing to their sufferings are not lessoning thus making the possibility of the snow leopard endangered a near approaching reality.


So when did snow leopards become endangered? Snow Leopards first become recognized for their endangerment levels during the year 1986 and was quickly added to the red list set out by the IUCN in which immediate action to preserve the remainder needed to be taken quickly. They remained on this list all the way until 2017 and yet still are extremely vulnerable to rapid extinction due to the harsh threat they face in their habitats, weather conditions, and human behavior.


snow leopards extinction

There are a few reasons as to why we have witnessed such a drastic decrease in the population of snow leopards, so exactly how did the snow leopard become endangered?


For centuries snow leopards have habituated large areas in the mountains of the center and south of Asia in which they already face harsh conditions but since the industrialist ion world has grown, many properties, homes, buildings, factories were plotted in the land in which the snow leopards lived. Thousands upon thousands of trees were cut down to make more room for farms and resources for the agricultural sector thus completely destroying the home and in fact the entire habitat of snow leopards. This means that the life snow leopards were strongly adapted to was pretty much taken away almost overnight, and snow leopards now did not have a place to shelter and catch prey, decreasing their chances of survival by a very large amount.


Climate change is a major contributing factor towards animal endangerment and extinction as it changes the conditions that animals have taken years to adapt to and the rapid rate of the increase in temperature means that it happens at a pace too fast for the animal to adapt to. Snow leopards are used to colder climates and with the sudden rise in temperature not only is it warmer but everything from the vegetation to the water is affected and thus affected the snow leopards and their ability to survive.


Another very sad and harmful threat that the snow leopard faces are that of poaching. In the illegal black market of wildlife trade, the capturing of a snow leopard is said to be worth a fortune and is a true rarity, hunters torturing and killing snow leopards is said to be a large factor of why they are facing endangerment. large numbers of snow leopards are being poached for trade every year and it is said that their skin, bones, and other body parts are to be used in Chinese medicine as part of the tradition and prophesy.


  • Snow leopards cannot roar
  • The pattern on their fur is different in every single snow leopard
  • Snow leopards are more closely related to tigers than they are to leopards
  • They have fur-covered feet to protect them from the cold of the snow
  • They have amazing camouflage abilities
  • They are one of the smaller species of large cats
  • They usually live between 15-18 years
  • Snow leopards bite their tails and researches still don’t know the exact reason for this

As you can see yet another animal is facing near extinction and is in deep danger. Threats from humans and from nature are having a devastating effect on the entire animal kingdom and are whipping out groups of very important species. Thus we need to act against the illegal poaching of snow leopards and create a change within our behaviors that contribute to their habitat loss as well as bring awareness to the problems that threats they are facing.

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