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Why Do We Need to Speak About Turtles on Turtle Day?

May.24.2020 232 view review
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Turtles have found their way into numerous spheres of our life. We depict them in art, describe them in poetry, make them the main heroes of many movies and cartoons. These magnificent creatures became a symbol of calmness and balance.

But only a few of us have thought about the turtles which live in the oceans. Earth’s wildlife faces a crisis that is caused by several anthropogenic factors such as plastic and oil pollution and fishing using fishing nets and trawls. Such fishing methods devastate ocean masses.

Plastic parts such as disposable bottles, plastic bags, or lost nets are trapping turtles causing physical dysfunction and starvation death.

Turtles are not the only marine species that suffer from irrational resource and waste management. Dolphins, fish, whales, and other creatures experience the same trouble.

It is the right time to do something in order to help these magnificent creatures. There’re many ways to help them and the first thing you can do is your waste management.

Keep your eye on where your waste is going and try to recycle the bigger part of it. The great move will be to reduce the quantity of plastic that you’re buying by replacing it with reusable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Of course, it is impossible to avoid the use of disposable plastic completely. You can recycle your plastic waste in order to minimize environmental damage.

All the beaches have to be cleaned

Another step you can take if you want to help our reptile friends will be the beach cleanup. Go can go to the nearest beach or a coastline if you want to reduce the amount of litter in the ocean.

There are billions of tons of plastic waste in the open waters but still, each lifted plastic cup or bag makes a difference.

You shouldn’t forget that turtles nest on the beaches so beach cleanup will be a great move which you can do to give turtles and their offspring a better life. Little turtles immediately run to the water after hatching and there better be no plastic bags or lost fishing nets on the surf.

But the current state of the environment tells us that clean and hospitable oceans will remain a distant dream. The amount of annually emitted plastic waste is expected to grow by fifteen percent year-to-year.

The environment needs to be protected and immediate measures need to be taken if we want to see live turtles by the end of this century.

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