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Why is the ocean becoming more stable?

Apr.15.2021 202 view review

Together with the global rising of temperatures, the world’s oceans are becoming to be more stable. A recent study analyzed over a million water samples and discovered that over the past five decades, ocean stability has grown six times faster than it was expected.

Ocean stability plays an important role in regulating the global climate and the richness of all water ecosystems. Seafood feeds a significant amount of people in the world. Ocean stability also controls the exchange of heat, carbon, and other nutrients. And this problem has a great impact on ocean life as well as climate.

The thing is, increased stability leads to nutrient drought. For instance, as the surface of the ocean holds heat that must be stirred down, the depth contains a huge reservoir of nutrients that must be stirred up.

Not only a more stable ocean is less productive in carrying heat to the depth of seas and controlling climate, but it is also less efficient in maintaining food on which water society depends.

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