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Why Reef Rescue Is So Important?

Aug.16.2020 272 view review
coral reef protection

The Great Barrier Reef became an icon of the tropics and touristic world. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals visit the Great Barrier Reef to enjoy its gifts and nature sceneries.

There are many coral reefs across the globe. They envelop a whole planet near the equator but now those reefs experience a tremendous crisis. Many anthropogenic factors cause the degradation of nature. The ocean is one of the Earth’s ecospheres and it is entirely contaminated with plastics, sewage waters, and toxic substances.

Oil spillages, plastic wastage, used freshwater and many other factors affect reefs as well. Reefs are a part of the ocean ecosystem and they are vitally important both for humans and animals. But more than half of all reefs had died due to environmental pollution and global temperature rise.

Reefs are very vulnerable to climatic and water composition changes

Coral Reef Protection

Even the smallest negative change can cause an irreversible process of extensive degradation and extinction.

Reefs serve as a home for billions of living marine creatures, most of which are extremely rare and are under the threat of extinction. Reefs purify ocean water, protect the coastline from destruction. Vast amounts of CO2 are being absorbed by reefs. Also, numerous nutrients are being transformed into food for marine animals by coral reefs.

Reefs represent a full ecosystem that cannot cope with the current environmental crisis and destructive human activity. Unregulated fishing, the souvenir industry that extracts reef parts to the surface in order to sell them to the tourists, fishers, divers, and cabin cruisers damage and harm the reefs very much.

Reef Rescue is a number of measures that are aimed at the preservation of coral reefs worldwide. Now reef rescue organizations try to save the reefs from further destruction. Coral reef protection is a number of measures that are aimed at the regeneration and protection of these incredible natural ecosystems.

Coral reef protection is extremely important for the modern world because there are already a lot of environmental issues and reefs are one of only a few natural ecosystems that helps us to deal with such global processes as Global Warming and Climate Change.

How to Save the Reefs

There’re many ways of how you can protect coral reefs by yourself. An eco-sustainable lifestyle is the most effective and available way to save what’s left from coral reefs.

Eco-friendly transport reduced the usage of disposable plastic, and limited emissions in the atmosphere can improve the environmental state of our planet and reefs in particular. Coral reefs need our help. If nothing will change, more than eighty percent of coral reefs worldwide will die out by the end of this century.

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