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Why we’re ignoring what’s happening with our world

Apr.16.2020 293 view review
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The current state of our world must be the cause for serious concerns but this doesn’t happen. There are a few reasons for such ignorant and indifferent people’s attitude.

Modern society is overloaded with momentary problems

People’s minds are oversaturated with economic problems, armed conflicts, pandemics, and other stuff. Mass media just doesn’t leave any place for something else. Global warming, plastic crisis, ice melting, and carbon dioxide emissions go unnoticed.

Ecologic problems are too global for human minds

We often distract ourselves with momentary tasks because our mind is programmed to do what’s easier first. We are more willing to do something if we have the right and finished decision. But we don’t have any to fix current ecological problems.

We’re disconnected from nature

We spend most of our time indoors. It is not surprising that most people don’t care about the environment or what’s happening outside their homes.

We live miserable lives thanks to the culture of consumption

The main problem of today’s culture is that it makes us feel miserable and incomplete and it offers us a fake solution at the same time. The offered solution is unregulated consumption which has led modern society to a global environmental crisis. We’re killing our planet while trying to provide a decent life for ourselves.

Many people don’t even know about global problems that are raging in the modern world right now

There are still ignorant individuals who don’t believe in global warming. Total indifference and self-obsession have led to such deplorable situations. Also, many people just don’t believe that they can change something.

We’re too distant from the hearths of the world’s crisis

We don’t see those fatal changes which are pushing our world to the edge. People in London, Paris, or New-York probably don’t care about Amazon rainforests or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch but they should as well as the whole world’s population. Our planet is our home and everyone should pay attention to what’s happening with it.

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