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World Animal Day: Join In On Happy World Animal Day Celebrations

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World Animal Day

World animal day is just around the corner, and we want everyone to get on board with celebrating and observing the special day in our calendar. It is a day for all animal lovers and carers to come together to appreciate their furry friends.

World animal day is about speaking for the voiceless and allowing the animals of our planet to be heard without them being able to speak. It is about standing up for what is right, protecting, saving, and conserving the animal species of our planet, and creating change for their benefit. It is a day that comes with a lot of meaning and a goal of education and bringing awareness to others through a global platform.

When Is National Animal Day?

World Animal day will be celebrated on October 4th, 2021, where the biggest roars are predicted to be felt. On this day, people across the entire globe will be coming together to celebrate the beautiful creatures of our planet. The more people that share and spread awareness of this day, the bigger the impact it will have in being able to help animals that are currently facing threats in the wild.

We are the only ones that have the ability to stick up for animals and their sufferings, be the voice they wish they had, and reverse the effects of our past actions and behaviors.

When Was World Animal Day Held For The First Time?

There is a large history behind the reason that we choose to celebrate world animal day and why it is a highlighted day in many people’s calendars. The truth is that world animal day dates back to many years ago, around the year 1925. This is when Heinrich Zimmerman decided to organize the first world animal day celebration in Berlin, Germany. Zimmerman was a famous animal lover and the publisher of the world-renowned magazine “Man and Dog”.

He decided to launch the day in order to bring awareness to the welfare of animals and express his feelings against animal cruelty. But since that first day of celebration, World animal day has changed tremendously and become a much bigger event than what we ever could have imagined. World animal day is no longer just about animal lovers and celebration but also calls for some of the highest acclaimed ecologists and activists to discuss a variety of issues to do with the endangered species of our planet, the threats they are facing, and how we can change our ways to help prevent this.

This is a day for all animals, from tiny insects like ants and bees to large mammals such as lions and tigers, it includes domesticated animals like dogs and cats and the many marine life species we barely interact with.

World Animal Day Quotes and Themes

World Animal Day Quotes

Since the development of world animal day, each year is held together with a specific quote and theme that usually dictates the focus of the year’s goal. For example, in the year 2018, the quote and theme were “Celebrating human relationship with the bigger and better animal kingdom.

This was done with the idea of creating a safer environment for the animals in nature. The year 2019 saw them “Life below water bodies: for the people and the planet. It intended on focusing on the marine life species below the surface of the water.

2020 embodied to entail quote “Man and Dog” and focused on the love and care aspect of treating animals. This year, the theme of world animal day is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.” It focuses on the future, security and resources use for the betterment of life on earth.

The Significance and Aim of World Animal Day

The main goal when it comes to celebrating world animal day or international animal rights day is really to stand up for the voiceless. It is a day to use the available platforms for the betterment of animals instead of ourselves. It is supposed to ensure that we bring awareness to the threats animals are facing in the wild, this could include habitat destruction, loss of resources, and illegal hunting.

Its significance is a driving force towards creating a better future for the animals on our planet and ensuring that we help correct the aspects of their lives that are dangerous and threatening their entire existence.

How To Celebrate World Animal Day

When Is National Animal Day?

There are so many different ways that you can get involved in world animal day and help to bring awareness and knowledge too. Some of the greatest things you could do to observe world animal day include :

  1. Donations towards their welfare;
  2. Volunteering in community groups, animal welfare clubs, and organizations;
  3. Spread the word through social media by using the special hashtag #worldanimalday;
  4. Make posters and share information with others;
  5. Try replacing products that include animal cruelty and testing;
  6. Treat your pet to a grooming day;
  7. Adopt pets or help feed stray animals around your region.

The Bottom Line

As you can see it is easy to have a happy world animal day and important to understand the reasons behind why we celebrate it. Just like most things in life the end result of these situations are in our control if we take the right steps forward in order to create positive change for the beautiful animals of our planet.

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