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Observing October Octopus Day: International Celebration Day in 2021

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International Octopus Day 2021

World octopus day is fast approaching, and we are here to celebrate its unique significance. Nature is made up of countless different and special species of animals from the biggest to the smallest and from land to water, each plays a very important role in the ecosystems of life. The celebration of octopus day is not only about the joyous observation of the smart species as a whole, but also to raise awareness for the pressing issues that challenge them on a daily basis. While the humble octopus is known to my name, it is often misunderstood by nature. With very little information being spread about our marine life and the threats it is facing due to our behavior, celebrating octopus day this ear is more important than ever before.

International Octopus Day 2021

The special October octopus day will be celebrated globally on October 8th, 2021. It is on this particular day that we will observe and aim to conserve and protect the magnificent marine life animal known as the octopus. This distinctive creature is part of an extremely large and important ecosystem that is responsible for keeping the natural flow of nature alive, well, and thriving. Believe it or not, we have a lot to thank the mysterious octopus for. On world octopus day, we will act as the vice for the voiceless and speak for the creatures that need protection from us with power. It is a day to bring awareness, knowledge, and change to the octopus that lives within our vast oceans.

History Of World Octopus Day

Octopuses, believe it or not, are one of the oldest living creatures on our planet. Despite the fact that they have a very short lifespan, their fossils have been found dating back to the era of dinosaurs and thus were a part of an ancient civilization. Octopuses are also one of the most intelligent creatures on our planet. They are able to think quickly, learn skills, solve problems and change direction in seconds, far greater than any other known sea creature to date. In addition to their internal intelligence, octopuses are also creatures of beauty.

They are one of the most elegant-looking visual sites and add to the natural glow of the deep sea waters. They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes and live in various depths of our oceans. With the largest octopus in history coming in at around 30 feet long and weighing near to 600 pounds, the giant pacific octopus is not one to be messed with.

Although these chameleons of the ocean have marked their territory they are still facing numerous amount fo threats from predators and uncontrolled forces and thus octopus day is celebrated to bring awareness to these issues to hopefully be able to change them in the future.

How Many Octopuses Are There In The World?

rare octopuses in the world

Within our oceans, there are around 300 different species of octopus. This means 300 unique, special, and diversely different octopuses. Most of these creatures are found on the seafloor, with the exception of some of the others that tend to drift up to the surface. In most of our lifetimes, we will probably never come across even half of these species and consider octopuses to just be one category. Octopus day is celebrated as a way to stand up for these particular animals’ rights. Things such as pollution, industrialization, and overpopulation have dramatically affected the way this creature lives and behaves.

As a result of our mistakes, bringing awareness to these issues to drive change is our responsibility. Often the question “why do octopuses have 8 legs ?” comes up amidst conversion, why is this? It’s the unknown of the creature that people are most fascinated by, and the truth is the knowledge is something we don’t possess because we don’t take the time to educate ourselves. Octopuses do not have 8 legs, they have 6 arms and 2 legs that act completely different and serve different purposes. On October 8th this is the kind of information, interesting facts, and cultured questions one should be spreading to people around the world.

Way To Celebrate Octopus Day

Celebrate Octopus Day

There are countless ways that you can celebrate octopus day too. To take your part in driving change and helping bring awareness to the creature and the threats that it is currently facing. Some of the greatest and most worthy things you can do to observe national octopus day include:

Take a Trip to the Aquarium

While aquariums are not the natural habitat you would expect to see an octopus thriving in real-time, it is a great way to learn. This way you can observe the beauty and the nature of the octopus, learn about different species, and how it differs from one another. This will hopefully help gain an appreciation and the need to enforce change for the future of our planet.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest platforms for spreading information. Posting about the need for octopuses and the threats they are facing will allow you to reach a wider audience than normal. This way of spreading information can cross international borders and waters and allow those who are less informed to get on board.

Learn and Share

Learning and sharing are key when it comes to properly observe international octopus day. There are so many amazing, fun, and interesting facts when it comes to the creatures that once you start you may not be able to stop. Share your newfound information with friends and daily to help grow the support for octopuses.

The Bottom Line

As you can see world octopus day is filled with a lot of excitement and celebration but also calls for your help to enforce and drive change. Together we can help the voiceless, amazing creatures of our marine world to survive the threats created by man. As a community, we are stronger together and can change the way the octopus lives with a few simple alterations to our day-to-day life.

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