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World Wildlife Day

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wildlife day on March 3

World wildlife day is celebrated not only to bring joy to the beauty of the wildlife species that exist on our planet but also the one thing that they have in common; endangerment. Yes, wildlife day is also a day that is aimed to bring awareness to the public, to counties, and to the globe about the threats our wildlife animals are facing today. Each wildlife component brings something to nature and makes the cycle of life a possibility. Not only are animals important for their community but for the lives of plant species, insects, and mankind too. Wildlife day has thus been created in an attempt to help save animal species that are vulnerable as well as make light of the severity of the endangered species threats.

Wildlife Day 2021

World wildlife day is actually an extremely important holiday to be celebrating and that is for a number of reasons including

wildlife day 2021

Taking Responsibility

One of the main reasons wildlife animals are facing possible extinction comes as a result of human behavior and thus we are a big part to blame for the current circumstances and threats animals are facing. Urbanization, deforestation, overfishing, industrialization, agricultural farming, illegal hunting, and poaching as well as game trade are examples of man-made factors that have negatively impacted the animal kingdom. Celebrating world wildlife day is a way of bringing awareness to the consequences of these actions and finding better and more sustainable solutions for the betterment of the future of our planet.

The Food Chain

For life to be able to exist and sustain itself on Earth a very specific food chain and the cycle is met, this is only achievable with the help of every living organism in it. In an ecosystem, if a specific species falls out the entire chain goes completely out of whack throwing every other creature out with it. A ripple effect gets created witch results in every element of the food chain being affected which includes us, humans, too, not to mention the plant and other animal species along with it.

Their Planet Is Our Planet

world wildlife day on March 3

All in all, we share one big planet together with the vast diversity of plant and animal species. If the Earth is working properly and thriving it will be good for all inhabitants but if it’s not and we are competing and destroying a cycle that works it will be devastatingly horrible for all of us too. Endangerment and extinction of species can have an effect on things such as the economy, the environment, and the trade sector which indirectly leads to having an effect on us.

When Is World Wildlife Day?

world wildlife day 2021

World wildlife day 2021 is celebrated on the 3rd of March in which people all over the world help bring awareness to animal endangerment and spread the word to all they know in an attempt to raise funds and help protect, conserve and save the remainder of the wildlife species on the planet. Wildlife day on March 3 was first established in Thailand in 2013 to bring awareness to the world of wild plant and animal species. Soon after that, it was first celebrated in 2014 and from then after adapted to become more interactive to a wider audience. Since then world wildlife day has been celebrated with a different theme each year, for example, 2016 encompassed the theme of “the future of wildlife is in our hands “ as well as “Life below Water: for People and Planet” in 2018. These themes help bring specific awareness and guide people into better understanding the reasons for the celebration of this wild day.

How to Celebrate World Wildlife Day

There are many ways you, your family, and your friends can celebrate world wildlife day and help make a difference to the planet. Some of the ways you can observe wildlife day is

Share Your Knowledge

One of the best and most impactful things you can do on world wildlife day is to share what you know. A great way to spread the message with friends and family and those in your community is to post on social media, share a broadcast message or make posters to stick up at your office, n matter what method you choose sharing facts about the wildlife species, what threats they are facing and how they can help will most definitely have a positive impact on getting more people involved and interested so they can too share with those they know and help spread the message to as many people as possible.

when is world wildlife day

Involve Yourself

On March 3 people all over the world gather together to discuss their ideas on the best way to help save, protect and conserve wildlife species moving forward. They discuss things like the biggest threats wildlife is facing, how to reduce these threats or how to decrease the effect of these threats, and so on. You can do the same by getting involved with organizations, communities, and movements that are helping to bring awareness to these exact causes.

Educate Yourself

Learning more about wildlife species and the threats they are facing is one of the greatest things you can do to observe world wildlife day. There are tons of documentaries and books showing you the ins and outs of the wildlife community which can strongly help expand your knowledge and your ability to share that knowledge with others.

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